Global repository of financial transactions

April 7, 2023, 5:27 p.m.

The global repository of financial transactions will allow economists to take a fresh look at the global economy, as well as at its individual segments. Such a system will be useful to many organizations, including city and regional administrations.
The global repository of financial transactions will include the ability to keep financial records and compile reports on expenses and income, and this will increase overall financial literacy.
If at the same time the attitude of society to finance changes, then together it will contribute to a more correct management of their finances by individuals and organizations, which in turn will give development to those important economic spheres that do not receive funding or receive insufficient (for example, charitable organizations).
The global repository of financial transactions, at least, will significantly reduce the overall total corruption of both world society as a whole and individual regional governments. In the future, such a system, with proper and proper management, will eliminate total corruption in the world.
The global repository of financial transactions will eliminate the current financing of terrorism by the world's leading banks and prevent it in the future.

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