Job cuts due to automation and robotization

March 14, 2023, 2:15 a.m.

Are you an accountant or calculating a salary? All your functions can be replaced by software right now.

In some countries of the world, and this is especially noticeable in China, unmanned buses are already engaged in passenger transportation in many cities.

As many as 45% of jobs will be replaced by automation.
We’re at risk of losing 975 million jobs worldwide by 2035.
380 million to 2 billion jobs worldwide are at risk of being automated.
The number of jobs lost to automation by 2035 in the world is set to reach 1.9 billion.
At over 70%, food preparation is one of the jobs at most risk of automation.
37% of workers worry they’ll lose their job due to automation.
84% of people are convinced their job is safe, while the actual estimation showed automation won’t impact only 0.6% of the jobs.

Do you see a problem or do you firmly believe that there is no problem? If you see a problem, how do you think it should be solved?