Mars as the main space base

March 31, 2023, 5:17 p.m.

It looks like the architect of the Solar System made a gift for humanity in the form of an Earth-like planet next to the Earth.

The weak attraction of the planet Mars makes this planet more suitable for launching launch vehicles because it takes less effort and fuel to break away from the surface. Less demanding conditions for launch vehicles simplify their designs, in comparison with those that are created on Earth.

The atmosphere of the planet Mars is much more rarefied, in comparison, with the atmosphere of the Earth. This is also an advantage for launch vehicles, since lower atmospheric resistance, compared to terrestrial atmospheric resistance, saves fuel.

This is also an advantage for landing spacecraft on the surface of the planet, since any object entering the atmosphere will meet less resistance, that is, the spacecraft has almost no risk of burning up in the atmosphere (in comparison with terrestrial conditions). And a more capacious atmosphere allows you to start slowing down in advance for landing spacecraft on the surface of Mars.

Considering that the history of the planet consists of volcanic eruptions, it means that there must be a sufficient amount of energy reserves on it that can be used for the development of the planet.

Who should master the planet Mars? Given the inability to breathe on the planet without special devices and spacesuits, it would be somewhat unreasonable to send people to certain death. A better choice will be fully automated machines and robots, whose efficiency will be higher for the construction of automated spaceports, automated factories for the construction of automated spacecraft for the exploration of the entire Solar system and the advancement of humanity even further.

Thus, Mars can become the main space base for future space missions to explore the entire Solar System and explore other stars, star systems and the Galaxy.

Mars, as the main space base, can be used not only to send spacecraft further from Earth. Mars can accept resource collectors from the asteroid belt to use resources from the asteroid belt for the internal needs of the space base. Mars can also be used to receive and refuel resource collectors from the asteroid belt for their subsequent shipment to Earth.

According to a similar scenario, other objects of the Solar System can be mastered, respectively, space missions of the distant future will be planned not from Mars, but from other planets. Mars is a springboard and the first step on the way to such a seemingly impossible super task.

If the exploration of outer space is one of the super-tasks for humanity, then such a scenario is necessary.

Do you think it is possible to create a main space base from Mars? Do you like this idea? If so, what actions should be taken today to implement such a plan?