Toxic and Radioactive Water

Poisoned rivers and reservoirs

Lead levels are more than 1,000 times the US Environmental Protection Agency drinking water standard and levels of other heavy metals such as aluminium, iron and manganese are above the international average.
Yangtze River supports over 400 million people and is, unfortunately, perhaps the World's most polluted river. Authoritative sources have reported that Yangtze pollution is killing people in Eastern China.
It once gained notoriety in 2020 by being one of the filthiest rivers in the world and with the foulest odor. There was nothing left alive in the river.

In many rivers across the Earth, the fish have already disappeared. And in many rivers, the fish population has decreased by 90 percent or more over the past 15 years. The water in these rivers is toxic and dangerous to drink as it contains poisonous chemicals and in some cases is radioactive. However, this same water is used to irrigate farmland throughout the Earth. This, in turn, poisons the soil and causes it to erode so that the soil becomes unsuitable for growing farmland for later consumption.